Alamo Flail Mowers

The Interstater is a three-unit flail mowing system with cutting swaths up to 20'.


The Versa Pro Flail mowing system is a wide-cut mower, mounted on the front of an articulated tractor giving the operator an unobstructed view.


The Brahma is a rotary or flail side-mount mower, powered by a closed-loop hydraulic system, using a front-mounted hydraulic oil reservior tank.


The Grass gator is a twin-flail mulching mower that recycles grass clipping and eliminates dry leaves- no raking or disposal


The Hydro 88 is a hydraulically-powered flail mower with an 88" cutting width.


Alamo Super Heavy-Duty flails are PTO powered and are available in 60", 74", 88", and 96" widths.

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